Ways for shipping,Let Us Help You
Factory will close from 10/Jan/2023 to 31/Jan/2023. If you need the order ship before CNY,please place the order no later than 31/Dec,thanks!
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  • Ways for shipping
         We can send the goods to worldwide under DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT/EMS and USPS to US,you can pick the shipping way that you want after you finished your design online(Add to cart),our online ordering system will lead you to finish  the whole procedure.

    Steps for ordering online:
    1.Design online.
    2.Add to cart
    3.Fill the shipping address
    4.Select the shipping way:System will calculate the weight and shipping cost automaitcally based on the shipping address your filled).
    6.Received confirmation mail from our system.
    7.Our production team will start the order and send sample to you approval. (If need photo proof).
    8.Sample approved
    9.Proceed mass production.
    10.Packing and ship it.
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